Installation problem with 15.4

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On 27 April 2015 at 13:57, Subhradip Das <mailsubhradipdas at>

> If you are getting input/output error[Errno.5], you may have have some bad
> sectors on your HDD or maybe the file you have downloaded has some
> problems. Can you please check once more with another image?

You can check an ubuntu iso image for errors.

To do this you need to know the "MD5" of the iso. If you take a look at you should be able to find a relevant MD5SUMS
text file. Simply look inside there and you will find a long number made up
of digits and the letters A to F.

Next thing you do is go into a terminal/shell window and, using the
filename of the iso, type in:-
md5sum path_and_filename.iso

Then compare the output of MD5SUM with the relevant line from your MD5SUMS



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