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Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
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Lubuntu 15.04, in my test experience so far, is a very good release.

I have encountered no problems in my MIDI music testing.  Also, graphics 
chips that were poorly supported (or not supported at all) in 14.10, 
work perfectly now.

In 14.10, the challenging music (many parts) played using Rosegarden and 
Qsynth, would encounter occasional drop-outs (under-runs).  In 15.04, 
there were no drop-outs at all, even on my 450 megahertz (very slow) 

On that machine, Rosegarden showed 100% processor utilization, and 
Qjackctl showed 77% Real-Time usage.  The Rosegarden window would only 
update its position in the sequence intermittently, but despite that, 
where was not a single drop-out.  I am extremely impressed.

On my Sony Vaio laptop, which all prior levels of Linux didn't use the 
entire width of the screen, now uses the entire screen, so I am 
upgrading both Linux partitions on that machine to 15.04.

Also, my HP-Deskpro (with Intel 815 graphics) now works (where with 
14.10 it booted to a blank screen).

The alternate install ISO worked, though it did not get wireless working 
(prior Linux levels failed to get my wireless working on the alternate 
install as well).

The only problems I've encountered (please watch for these, so we can 
identify the cause) are as follows:

I am using a Lexar 16 GigaByte USB flash drive, created using UNetBootIn 
(the StartupDiskCreator utility created flash-drive failed to boot, as 

On older machines (ones needing to use the PLOP CD to boot from USB), it 
would not boot unless I first booted Linux with the flash drive plugged 
in (automatically mounted), and then did a re-boot (with the startup CD 
then in the drive).  When done that way, the USB drive would boot the 

Newer systems didn't have that problem.  They would just boot from the 
USB drive (when specified to do so).

The USB drive (with additional software installed using persistance), 
worked fine when booted on a variety machines (including the 450 
megahertz machine).

But whenever I used that USB drive to actually install a system, the 
boot sector (?) got corrupted, and I had to re-build the USB drive in 
order to use it again.  In my observations, it appears that installing a 
system is what corrupts the USB drive's boot sector.

Please reply back with your experience so we can identify the cause for 

Again, Lubuntu 15.04 is an excellent system.  Congratulations to all who 
worked on it for a great success.

- Aere

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