Lubuntu + MATE? Compatible? or issues?

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Sat Apr 11 14:46:48 UTC 2015


Along these lines of inquiry . . . seems like with a recent kernel upgrade,
the several month old U-MATE 14 PPC install on my iBook got "corrupted" . .
. seems like aptitude was removing key packages so that logging into a MATE
session just showed the desktop image, no toolbars or desktop icons, mouse
cursor worked but nothing to click on.  Tried to upgrade out of it, but
didn't work.  Seems like the install is built on "meta packages" and if
something gets removed the whole house comes tumbling down . . . .  I added
XFCE4 to see if that would work and it does give me a GUI, but numerous
problems still remain, seems like the system is "toast."

So, did get some ideas about the "why" of it, although it seems susceptible
to re-occur, I do like the "GNOME Floating Feet" screensaver--my prime
motivation for MATE.  But, my question, just like the "OP" in a sense, I'm
looking to save download time for a fresh install, since this install is
only a few months old and had to do some tweaking for the "radeon" issue,
and getting sound working, etc.  I have a Lu 14.04 LTS from 7/23/14 already
burned, so that part isn't an issue; question is if I did that install and
then tried to add the MATE items as another DE, would that cause
"dependency" issues or issues that might again cause the system to uh,
deconstruct itself?  Or, generally no worries, they are more or less of
same DNA?

>From Nio's post I see that I could do a "mini" install of U 14 and then of
course add whatever DEs I would want . . . but I don't know if that would
be a time saver, as much of the system is then downloaded via my <3MB DSL .
. . might be a "wash"???? in terms of a time cost/benefit ratio ?????

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> >
> Plop should work :-) If not there are other methods:
> 1. Start from Lubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (and update/upgrade). You find iso
> files listed with sizes in Gibibytes and can download them here:
> 2. Install a small image and then install the meta-package
> lubuntu-desktop
> a. Start from the Ubuntu 14.04 mini.iso that you find via
> according to the description at
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