Lubuntu cd under 700mb?

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>> ?Are you able to get the machine to boot by USB? If you can just use Unetbootin to create a bootable USB drive with your Lubuntu ISO image.
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>> Hello, I have an old xp machine that I wanted to convert to linux and since I like Debian based /apt package management I wanted to try Lubuntu. My issue is that the machine only has a cd drive and the Lubuntu disc (which I downloaded from here several times: and it is 705mb every time and won't on a 700mb. Are there any files on the image that can be further compressed? Maybe using 7z ultra compression. I only need to lose 5 mb. I can't afford a dvd drive atm and it's not really worth it for me to get one anyone as I have other Linux machines already. Thanks in advanced for any help.
> This is a way to get some computers to boot from usb when they don't want to. Now that I think of it bringing a disc of this to have around at a linux users group might be handy. If someone brings an old machine that can't boot from a dvd or usb. 

Plop should work :-) If not there are other methods:

1. Start from Lubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (and update/upgrade). You find iso
files listed with sizes in Gibibytes and can download them here:

2. Install a small image and then install the meta-package


a. Start from the Ubuntu 14.04 mini.iso that you find via

according to the description at

b. Install via a tarball with OBI-9w

You can install

according to the description at

Best regards

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