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Tue Apr 7 13:13:38 UTC 2015

On 04/07/2015 02:54 AM, Steven Duckworth wrote:
> Having looked through some of the old arcade games available from
> Lubuntu Software Centre, I have successfully downloaded 'Open
> Invaders' (a good remake of the classic Space Invaders), plus a couple
> of chess games, etc.... However, on downloading 'Pong2' I can't find
> it. It appears as a download in the Software Centre and in Synaptic
> Package Manager, but doesn't appear on the Lubuntu menu drop-up list
> under 'Games'.
> Does anyone know where it may be accessed, or how to open it?
> Thanks,
> Steve
I have had issues with some programs not being maintained.
You can look in (through a terminal or file manager)
to see if there is a program in there with a similar name.

On occasion the packaging for the programs is older and a desktop file
does not get installed, or doesn't even have a desktop file.  You can
check in:
to see if there is a desktop file with your program name.

I don't know how the Lubuntu menu system works, but you might run (from
a terminal):


There are many packages with outdated style.  So this may be a bug for
those programs.  You may need to manually make a desktop file as a
workaround (if you find something in /usr/bin but not in


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