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Mon Oct 27 16:00:52 UTC 2014

On 10/27/2014 05:50 AM, Michael Hirons wrote:
> I did a clean install yesterday,first of all I checked the disc for 
> defects..none were reported,I don't  know whether this is a bug,but 
> when  I right click on the Keyboard icon on the bottom toolbar,showing 
> US keyboard ,no pop up programme opens up to enable me to change to a 
> GB keyboard.The keyboard handler appears to be missing,has anyone else 
> reported this and how do I fix it? Many thanks for reading this Michael UK
I'm using 32-bit Lubuntu 14.10 (on a bootable USB drive with persistent 

I use the task-bar icon to change keyboard layouts (I use dvorak, but 
sometimes need to change to qwerty for someone else).

When I originally tried the USB drive, left-clicking on the 
keyboard-change icon just showed US English, and it wouldn't change 
anything (because there were no other languages/layouts to change it to).

When I right-clicked on the icon, a menu appeared, and I selected the 
"Preferences" item, which allowed me to add another language/layout, 
namely, English (Dvorak).

After doing that, when I now left-click on the icon, it changes to the 
next (other) keyboard layout, and the tool-tip display shows the 
change.  When I do it again, it changes again, as before.


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