[Lubuntu-qa] lubuntu oversize

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 21:42:25 UTC 2014

On 10/20/2014 10:01 AM, Aere Greenway wrote:
> On 10/19/2014 11:03 PM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
>> Dear Lubuntu testers, release manager and everybody else with an
>> opinion,
>> * If you think it is important with a desktop ISO file within CD size,
>> please tell us here and now!
>> * If you think it is enough with a Lubuntu alternate iso within CD size,
>> you need not do anything, because this is how it is now. But if you want
>> to 'defend' the current desktop iso file, please do so here and how!
> I think it is good that at least one of the Ubuntu variants (Lubuntu)
> will run a live system from a CD, especially on this long-term-support
> release.
> Being able to run a live system is important to verify that the
> graphics chip is supported, and that the wireless can be made to work.
> If that same system can be made to run live using a USB drive, that is
> acceptable to me, though some such machines have only the original
> slow USB, which makes it run slowly, but at least it works.
> I have an older (32-bit) MacBook machine, with only a CD drive, so
> this capability is useful for this machine, and as far as I know, I
> can't boot a live system on it from a USB drive (please correct me if
> this is not correct).
> That being said, observing the ever-increasing sizes of newer Linux
> kernels, there will probably come a time when running a live-CD system
> (from a CD) will not be possible.
Hi all,
I agree with Aere.
A mainline Ubuntu distro needs to be able to run from a CD.  There are
some older Laptops that cannot boot from USB, and do not have a DVD drive.

I think it is still important, especially for Lubuntu, and our beloved
older hardware!


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