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I modded a Lenovo laptop X61s to get spdif out (from pin 48 on the ad1984 chip on the mobo via condensatator of 0.1. mf to coax cable to bnc plug.)

With Lubuntu 13.10 – alsamixer version—Alsamixer gives spdif options and it works perfect.

With lubuntu 14.4.1 (and betaversion 14.10)  - Alsamixer version 1.0.28 – Alsamixer gives no spdif options anymore. So no spdif out anymore.

What has been changed from Version 1.0.27 to version 1.0.28 ? Is there a platform check ?.

BTW I modded also a Lenovo T60  (pin 48 on de AD1981 chip etc.) On that platform Lubuntu 14.4 with alsamixer version 1.0.28 spdif out works OK.

Is there a possibility to modify the alsamixer v 1.0.28  to get rid of a eventually platform check or to install the older version 1.027.1 in Lubuntu 14.4.1.  Or is there an other solution (IECset does not work)

The X61s has originally no spdif out also not on the docking station. (pin 48 on the ad1984 is originally not connected)
The T60 has (optical) spdif out on the docking station. pin 48 on the ad1981 is originally via the docking connector connected to optical out in the docking station)

Any help is welcome and thanks in advance.



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