Live DVD (14.04) works fine but problems after install

Phill Whiteside PhillW at
Thu Oct 2 22:14:50 UTC 2014

HTML5 is the way forward,

all this rubbish about "OOOH you must have flash.." Get real, it's old, it
is owned by a non-foss company who no longer provides updates. So all the
security holes in it will not be patched.

OSX / MAC do not have flash, they seem to get on okay without it.

Just my 2 cents / pennies on this slow and lingering death of some thing
that even the company who made it know is doomed to oblivion.


On 2 October 2014 22:42, Bob FromLynn <bob01902 at> wrote:

> Thank you Mark, Andre, and Goth Spark lmvu for your prompt replies and
> suggestions!
> 1. Yes, I already installed the "Lubuntu-Restricted-Extras" package which
> installed the flash add-on for Firefox.
> 2.  Chrominum would not even run so I couldn't try that suggestion.
> 3. I downloaded and installed Chrome as suggested but it would not open
> and returned a "Hardware no longer supported" error message.
> 4. GOOD NEWS! I tried the suggestion (and link) to set Youtube to view in
> HTML5 and IT WORKED!!!
> Thank you for all your help!
> Regards,
> Bob
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