Live DVD (14.04) works fine but problems after install

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Hi Bob,

With Chromium you would have to install a pepper Flash plug-in. Here’s the link to find out how to install through the terminal.

An easier way is to just go and install the full Google chrome browser. Open Firefox, search for Chrome download. Save the file in your downloads folder and then double click the file to start installing the packages.


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Did you install the restricted-extras?? I mean, you need flashplugin for those youtube videos...

Check if the package flashplugin-installer is already on your system!

2014-10-02 15:18 GMT-03:00 Bob FromLynn <bob01902 at<mailto:bob01902 at>>:
I am a first time Lubuntu user and after trying out 14.04 LTS (Live DVD) on my hardware, I installed it to the hard drive and updated it. Unfortunately, after rebooting, I can no longer view youtube video within the default browser Firefox which worked fine within the Live DVD.

I installed the Chrominum browser from the package manager but  the browser wouldn't even open. (Even after a reinstall of the browser.)

Lubuntu seems to function albeit slower than I expected.

My hardware has a 2GHz AMD Athlon XP 2400 CPU, 1 GB RAM, S3 Graphic Chipset (VT8375).

Question: If no one else is having problems streaming video in Lubuntu 14.04 within Firefox, then any suggestions?
What other browser could I try within Lubuntu?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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