Lubuntu : One month later

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Sun Nov 30 17:18:41 UTC 2014


I can give you a first reply, and hope other people can add to give you
a more complete picture.

Best regards

Den 2014-11-30 15:46, Florian Coste skrev:
> Hi,
> I've discovered Lubuntu around one month ago. I'm very happy for this
> distribution, and my old computer has started a new life with Lubuntu
> and all our works.
> I've encounted some difficulties, badly, with a netbook. I would like to
> report this 'bug', but this netbook wasn't mine, and I will give back it
> to its owner... I've already sent some mails in this mailing-list about
> the dysfunction of LXDE panel. I've also encounted a dysfunction of
> Gnome Player.... But I think Lubuntu Team is not responsible of this,
> and I should contact directly devs of LXDE and Gnome Player, should'nt I ?

This is probably a good idea. But if you get no response, you can come
back here.

> I have other points that I would like to report you.
> 1) I think it should be better to put forward LTS version of Lubuntu for
> beginners. Indeed, the first link we see on lubuntu web site is for
> downloading Lubuntu 14.10. For beginners, don't you think the LTS
> version is better ?

I agree.

> 2) I was suprised when I wanted to print a jpg file because I did'nt
> find how to do directly. From the window manager, with right click, you
> can't print it directly your picture, and you can't if you 'open' the
> picture... I think I could be a difficult issue for beginners, don't you
> think ? I don't know how you're doing for printing images, I've
> donwloaded Imagemagic, and I use the command convert for convert .jpg
> files into .pdf files. And I print pdf with the pdf reader. I would like
> to know how you're doing this simple action.

I use gimp to print pictures (as well as to edit pictures).

> 3) I've encounted a problem for printing a pdf file. I don't know how
> works 'printing function' but I was suprised to not be able to print a
> pdf file that I could see...
> My printer couldn't print this pdf, but the pdf reader could open this
> file. In properties, I see that the producter of this pdf is "Microsoft
> Excel 2010", may be guilty ?
> In the font tab, it says that this file contains some fonts that aren't
> part of the PDF standard fonts... In this tab, I can show three fonts  :
> Calibri,Bold (Codage : WinAnsi) / Arial,Bold (WinAnsi) / Calibri
> (Identity-H).
> For Arial, Bold, it says me that this font is not integrated and changed
> into Liberation Without Bold. But I am not sure to understand why my
> printer couldn't print this... Even if the font has changed and graphic
> aspect also...
> I've cheated to print this (Screenshot then print from jpg files
> transformed into pdf file), but I would like to understand this problem
> and find a smatter way to solve it ;)

Have you installed lubuntu-restricted-extras? It brings a lot of
Microsoft fonts (along with a lot of codecs and other multimedia stuff),
if I remember correctly.

sudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras

> Thank you so much,
> Nairolf21

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