the 6 ways Experts show themselves

sd superduper3000 at
Sun Nov 23 11:40:32 UTC 2014

This is indeed a good read to learn how to improve yourself. However,
the author(s) oversimplify human interaction when they claim one can
distinguish "fake" from "real" expert based on their tips. This is
definitively fake expertise for doing that. Breaking the points
described there and being a "fake" expert is part of the human nature.
Every "real" or "fake" expert will do it at some point or another - do
not be afraid to any of these. We are all experts in something, even if
it is how to brush the teeth. It is easy to fall into one of these, on
any topic, at any time. Aspire to be humble and gentle - but sometimes
it just feels good to be a jerk - you cannot help it and it is ok if it
is only once a while - all people of all levels do that and it is often
amusing and informative per se, as it shows we are all humans :). This
piece has some good tips to help yourself constrain it and to improve.
Thanks for sharing the link.

On 23/11/14 09:33, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Jack made me aware of this link. I think we all have something to learn,
> not only to be able to tell an expert from a fake, but also how to
> improve our own roles in the community and be better helpers ;-)
> Interesting reading the 6 ways Experts show themselves...
> Best regards
> Nio

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