Ali Linx ali.linux at
Thu Nov 20 23:25:28 UTC 2014


It is plain and simple. We had this discussion before and it keeps 
coming up every now and then. You guys are wasting your time and the 
best way to solve this and save your time is:

State it clearly that you (Lubuntu) don't accept any money and if anyone 
is interested, they need to go to:
and make a donation.

I noticed that on this page:

Canonical has removed the names of the official flavors - I have seen 
that before. I guess they are now referring to it by "Community 
Projects" but I don't work for Canonical so I am not sure. < This link 'must' be 
on Lubuntu Wiki (since it is the only accessible place for everyone) AND 
must be on the website as well ;)

Mention that with a note:
We highly appreciate your kindness but we care about investing your time 
more than donating your money. However, if you insist, you could make a 
donation to Ubuntu in general at:

This is how to end this discussion once and for all ;)


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