Trouble printing TuxPaint files in Lubuntu computer lab

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Thanks Andre,

The teachers would like to print directly from the application. I found a workaround where I have TuxPaint save the files in the pictures folder and then if I right click and select open with Firefox or Abiword , I am the able to print the .png file. This is three or four extra steps for the teachers and with a class of 25 + it becomes somewhat unmanageable.

It should however work directly from the application as intended.

I hate hearing it works in Windows why can’t it work in Lubuntu??

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Hello Marc.

Personal Recommendation: I use fotoxx to print...

There is outdated version on ubuntu repos. And you can get the latest versions here:

TO print, hit File -> Print Image

Then just select the printer... There is some border configuration after that...

2014-11-19 18:34 GMT-02:00 Marc Tremblay <mtremblay at<mailto:mtremblay at>>:
Good afternoon,

I apologize if this is off topic. I know this is not a Lubuntu issue but this is a big enough issue for our teachers for them to not want to convert over to Lubuntu from Windows 7.

We have converted part of their computer lab to Lubuntu 14.4 and the teachers are unable to print the pictures that the students had created. The error message they get is simply “ sorry your picture can not be printed”. There does not seem to be any way to configure the printing with TuxPaint.

I found out that I can install a tuxpaint config application that allows you to use an alternative print command instead of “LPR” which I believe is the default in Tuxpaint. Is there an alternative print command I could use that would allow us to print directly from the application?


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