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  On 11/16/2014 11:10 PM, Eric Bradshaw wrote:


>>> added a line to blacklabimager to get all the files from the bios

>>> directory including the one I had added into it;


>>>     cp /usr/lib/syslinux/modules/bios/* $WORKDIR/ISOTMP/isolinux


>>> It booted this time! However, I still didn't see my own vesamenu. I

>>> instead was greeted with my splash screen graphic and a "Guest" login

>>> invitation and that led nowhere of course.


So, after working with Systemback and making distributable isos from it, I'm pretty sure I can copy the files Systemback puts into the syslinux folder of a live iso and believe this would work because the DVDs made from Systemback isos boot without error. 

However, the Systemback software has got me rethinking using Black Dog Image Creator at all. I've still got some "personalizing" to do for the C4C Lubuntu ReSpin, but here's what I'm liking about Systemback so far:

1. The creation of a distributable "live" iso with Systemback is incredibly easy, and they each boot in every 32-bit machine I've tried them (burned on DVD) in.

2. Systemback has the ability to use Ubiquity, but claims to be able to work with whatever bootloader I choose (would this then work with Yaboot for PowerPC I wonder? I've yet to see if Systemback installs on PPC).

3. The polished GUI of Systemback makes it a real visual treat to work with (for a non-programmer like me) and because it's a great, easy-to-use backup system too, I've got no problem including it for the end-user.

4. They've overcome the 4GB iso limit! I've created several isos larger than 4GB that are both live and successfully install a working system too.

Eric Bradshaw


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I'm glad to see you are both pushing ahead with the exploration and reporting on results.  I'm very interested in the topic but have had no time to invest so far.  In fact, I'm farther back in the process, and don't even know for sure what all the viable candidates are (and does the list include OBI or gnome-disks aka Disks?)

Well, my viable candidates are likely different than yours. If I were only setting up a bunch of computers myself and didn't provide our respin to others as an iso, I would likely go with OBI. It beats any other solution I'm familiar with for pure speed.

But I hear you saying that it's looking more and more like Systemback could be a good replacement for Remastersys and B.D.I.C.  You did say earlier that "Distroshare Ubuntu Imager says it's based on Remastersys and it looks like it took a bit from Black Lab Image Creator too, so that's definitely my next script to try if the above doesn't work like I think."  Did you try that but then find Systemback to be superior?

Yes. But, superior is pretty subjective. It's different. And I likely don't have the same requirements/goals as you (guessing). I don't even have the same requirements I used to.

I liked Remastersys and later BLIC because it's basically just a big shell script. I could see (some of) what it was doing and change things to suit the needs of Computers4Christians. I had initially gotten rid of the live option altogether because doubling what's in skel (where you put things to make them end up in the user's Home Folder) made it go over the 4GB iso limit and there was no need for anyone to "try out" the distro anyway. 

Can you say anything explicit about how Systemback treats user-level or global settings.  For instance, does it strip out all user accounts and settings?  Or certain ones?  Or have an option to do so or not?  (Or does the documentation cover this question?)

I think Systemback strips out user-level settings automatically, but has a check box to include them. I had in the past, included certain settings in skel by including files and folders (usually hidden ones that start with a dot like .mozilla and .xiphos). Systemback copies everything from the Home Folder directly. The advantage for me would be not having to worry that I've copied all the correct hidden directories and files into skel to make the settings like I want  them. As far as I can tell, Systemback doesn't use skel at all.

The disadvantage I suppose would be taking a chance my personal info would be included, but I've never used my own personal machine to make our respin. Oh, and the documentation is nonexistent as far as I know. I couldn't find more than a paragraph about any single feature.

On a related sort of question, for the more narrow purpose of per-system full-installation backup, I'm also interested in how Systemback or other candidates might serve for that.

If you are meaning will Systemback work for individual users to back up their own computers; yes. I think it'll be great for that. Systemback uses restore points (similar to what Windows does now as I understand it) to create snapshots of the system so it can be restored to that exact state/date if need be. I am new to that whole concept, but really, really like it.


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