Vivid Vervet+ LXQt (sound issues)

Henk Terhell hterhell at
Mon Nov 17 12:26:29 UTC 2014

Have now newly installed on disk Lubuntu 15.04 daily build with LXQt. 
This works fine so far, though there are of course still LXQt issues to 
be solved and there are some double menu entries. An earlier 
installation of L.14.10 with LXQt worked as well but LXQt failed after 
trying to upgrade the Lubuntu version.
I always find a drawback after installing any Lubuntu version that audio 
never works out-of-the box and I have to fiddle around with pavucontrol 
to find my analog speakers. To be a more user-friendly distro, could 
such audio control not be built in?


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