marketing stuff - translated, and more works

SilverLion silverlion at
Sun Nov 16 17:43:34 UTC 2014

just for your info: I've just put up a recommendation via the official 
twitter account; facebook and g+ are incoming ;)

Am 16.11.2014 um 18:33 schrieb Walter Lapchynski:
> On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 5:07 AM, Rafael Laguna
>> Serbian translations added. Thanks so much, Zeljko for your efforts. If you
>> want to join our Global Team you're more than welcomed. I'd ask you for a
>> bit more translations ;)
> I'm so happy about this project. I really believe we are innovating
> something that the entire Ubuntu family could use.
>> On 4 November 2014 11:32, Zeljko Popivoda <zh.popivoda at> wrote:
>>> Lubuntu Serbia website with information amd tutorials on serbian
> Why not host this on the site with little flags for people
> to switch?

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