Request help respinning 14.10 w/Black Lab Image Creator

John Hupp lubuntu at
Fri Nov 14 00:07:06 UTC 2014

On 11/13/2014 4:53 PM, Eric Bradshaw wrote:
> To whomever may be able to provide some insight;
> Black Lab Image Creator (BLIC) 1.5 has NOT been tested with Lubuntu 
> 14.10, but I'd like to continue using it to make  Lubuntu respins if I 
> can. Starting with BLIC's predesessor Remastersys; I have successfully 
> made the C4C Lubuntu ReSpins based on 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, and 14.04. 
> But, while trying to use Black Lab Image Creator 1.5 with Lubuntu 
> 14.10 I get the following error early in the distribution build process:
> cp: missing destination file operand after 
> ‘/home/blacklabimage/remasteredsys/ISOTMP/isolinux/’
> Try 'cp --help' for more information
> The distribution build process continues and the iso seems to be 
> produced as normal. However, after burning the iso to DVD and 
> attempting to start another (32-bit) machine from it, I never even get 
> to my custom splash screen. I get the error;
> failed to load ldlinux.c32
> I believe the ldlinux.c32 file is created from contents I've always 
> edited; isolinux.cfg is where I change the text of the splash screen 
> (splash.png) to our own and remove options to start the install in low 
> graphics mode or live. It seems that the error I get while first 
> starting to boot a 32-bit machine from CD (DVD in this case) means a 
> file called vesamenu.c32 failed to be created in 
> /home/blacklabimage/remasteredsys/ISOTMP/isolinux/ and therefore 
> failed to make it onto the iso.
> I went back and used Black Lab Image Creator 1.1 to respin Lubuntu 14.04.
> The vesamenu.c32 file is created and contains exactly one line:
> žþLÍ!üè
> There are other options for a non-programmer like me to respin 
> Lubuntu. However, I have grown quite fond of this particular method. 
> If anyone can help me figure out what changed/why this no longer works 
> I'd be very grateful.
> Eric Bradshaw
> -- 
> Thank You,
> God Bless,
> Computers4Christians
> <>

I haven't got the first thing to offer by way of a solution or insight, 
but this is a topic I have been interested in.  So maybe you can help ME 

When you say, "There are other options for a non-programmer like me to 
respin Lubuntu," what options were you thinking about?

I have seen references to Distroshare Ubuntu Imager 
( and 
Systemback ( as Remastersys 
alternatives, but I have not tested either of them. I'd be interested in 
anyone else's experience with them or other alternatives.

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