nasty display bugs

Walter Lapchynski wxl at
Thu Nov 6 18:28:46 UTC 2014

Ian's bug is apparently i810? On 14.10, no kernel module being used.

Aere's bug is i915 I think. On 14.04, with i915 kernel module, I think.

My guess is these are different. They do have the same results
apparently. We need to figure out if the same bug affects both chips
(in which case we have a duplicate) or if this is something else

We also need to figure out which chips this affects. Saying "old
Intel" isn't descriptive enough, really.

It would be valuable to know which versions this applies to and which
versions it doesn't.

We should try different kernel modules and different kernel boot parameters.

Also, this SHOULD affect all flavors and not just Lubuntu. This needs
to be tested as well.

Since only users that have this hardware can reproduce it, those users
need to gather as much information as humanly possible so that the bug
can be triaged. Otherwise, it's likely not going to go anywhere.

I see now why this wasn't reported during testing: because so few of
the tests were done with this hardware. This is why it's so valuable
to have hardware testing done.

I appreciate you guys reporting this bug and I'm sorry that the
solution is a bunch of hard work on your part, but I don't know what
else I can do except encourage you to give us more information!

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