Lubuntu ISO prototype, build with LXQt, available for testing

Aere Greenway Aere at
Thu Nov 6 17:54:20 UTC 2014

On 11/06/2014 09:17 AM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Thanks for the info.  Well, that would put my G4 iBook on the "should 
> work" low end of processor speed, in this case 933MHz . . . RAM of 
> something in the 600MB.  My iMac 800 has once again KP'd out of 
> service . . . that has 1 GB RAM, but no way to test anything.  I'll 
> have to wait until an iso is available, not enough skilz to compile a 
> system from "scratch" and test . . . but, it's looking like the 
> AmigaOne guys will have to pick up the hammer on testing LXQT for PPC 
> . . . .

I have a low-end test machine, whose speed is 933 megahertz, with 512 
megabytes of ram, and up through Lubuntu 14.04, performs well - at least 
for the MIDI music testing I've been doing on it.

UbuntuStudio (with the XFCE desktop) doesn't perform very well, but 
still marginally works.

The thing that's causing it problems isn't the low processor speed, or 
the lack of RAM, but its old Intel graphics (a part of the mother-board, 
with no AGP slot for a NVIDIA card).

Lubuntu 14.10 will not boot on it, most likely because of its graphics 

Unfortunately, the latest system updates destroyed that Lubuntu system, 
and will probably also destroy the UbuntuStudio partition as well if I 
apply system updates.

So even though it worked fine on Lubuntu 14.04 (and I hoped to use it 
until the end of 14.04 support), it may even now need to be consigned to 
the trash-bin.

As a developer, and recognizing that Linux developers volunteer their 
time and expertise, developers want to work on new stuff - not old 
stuff.  So the loss of perfectly usable machines is due to human nature 
- not devious planning.

P.S. - Likewise, Lubuntu 14.10 will not boot on even a 2 gigahertz Intel 
Celeron processor machine with 1 gigabytes of RAM, because of its Intel 
graphics card - even though I have a NVIDIA PCI graphics card 
installed.  During boot, it gets a render-error from the integrated 
Intel graphics card (even though the BIOS has it disabled), and (not 
knowing there is a PCI NVIDIA card), aborts loading the system. The 
abandonment by Linux of the old Intel graphics cards cuts very deeply...


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