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Fri May 30 19:08:37 UTC 2014

On 05/30/2014 11:01 AM, c. marlow wrote:
> On 05/30/2014 06:52 AM, N. W. wrote:
>> Hello,
>>> Julien Lavergne wrote:
>>> [...] - After the LXQt migration, we have to change most of our
>>> applications to have Qt ones. It needs time to discuss, compare, test
>>> and integrate them. We have to change 80 to 90 % of our seed … [...]
>> may I ask why that is?
>> Why do you have to replace GTK+ applications with Qt applications when
>> going from LXDE to LXQt?
>> Why would it be bad to use GTK+ applications on LXQt?
>> I mean, with what application do you want to replace Sylpheed (or Claws
>> Mail) for example?
>> With KMail? Or with Trojitá? Not sure if those can replace Sylpheed (or
>> Claws Mail)?
>> Just an example.
>> Regards
> So we wont have a choice after 14.04 which I just upgraded to, we will
> all be forced to QT based apps?
No... you can install anything you want on your own system.  The default
ISO will (at some point... probably not 14.10) have only Qt apps.
As Rafael mentioned including a bunch of toolkits (the libraries that
make all the graphics i.e. windows, buttons, etc...) will needlessly
enlarge the ISO file.
But you can install GTK2/3/4 apps, FLTK apps, etc...

> qt is what, KDE base apps right? all of KDE uses QT right?
Qt was the first toolkit used on Linux, before Gnome existed.  It is
used by KDE, and Razor-Qt and Ubuntu's Unity is being moved over to that
toolkit as well.
> I dont understand why they're forcing us to move over? Whats so ground
> breaking about LXQT than what were using now LXDE?
The move is because of the developers.  There are MANY MANY MANY Qt
developers that work on all manner of platforms (Qt is used on mobiles
like Blackberry most notably, and works on everything from Mac to
Windows to well... everything).  LXDE is merging with Razor-qt.  There
will be many more developers now improving LXDE and this is good.  We
want the best user experience on low-end hardware we can get.  It will
still be small and light.  KDE is working on getting the libraries
sorted out better so one app doesn't pull in tons of dependencies.
More developers is good.  QML is a widget markup language for Qt that
will also make coding apps for LXQt (etc...) easier and faster.
The extra memory it requires right now is going to go down once things
begin to be optimized.  It will also allow for more graphical effects
for users that want it.

I really think this is a wise decision, and will not limit us users in
any way.  PCMan has been porting all the things we are used to in LXDE
to LXQt, and I am sure many more Qt programs are coming to Lubuntu,
since Ubuntu is moving to Qt5

> Christopher


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