Box icon theme for Claws Mail and Sylpheed?

N. W. nw9165-0219653 at
Fri May 30 15:20:19 UTC 2014


thanks for the fast response.

> Rafael Laguna wrote:
> [...] We already voted about a change of the default mail client. [...]

If available, could you please provide a link to that vote / poll?

> Rafael Laguna wrote:
> [...] Claws is a fork of a fork [...]

Not sure if that is the correct terminology?

As far as I know Claws Mail is a fork of Sylpheed.

Claws Mail initially was called "Sylpheed-Claws" and later renamed to "Claws Mail".

Which is a change of a name, not a fork. Which makes Claws Mail a fork, but not a fork of a fork.

Not entirely sure about that though.

> Rafael Laguna wrote:
> [...] but we need to consider lots of things to include it in Lubuntu
> (easyness of use, look, continuity, accessible community, active
> development, etc) [...]

Again, not entirely sure, but, at least to me it looks like as if the development of Claws Mail is a lot healthier / more active than the development of Sylpheed.

> Rafael Laguna wrote:
> [...] You know what? Sylpheed is not using any compatible icon theme, it uses its
> own, and that's awful. Also Claws, that is able to change themes but
> doesn't care of your favourite themes installed in your .icons folder. So
> what for theming if they both are unable to be standard enough?
> Firefox can use themes, personas, change icons or just respect the theme
> you're using. That's what a GTK app does.

I had a quick look at the Claws Mail bug tracker and found those comments:

Sounds like they are saying that they are doing their own icon theme(s) for Claws Mail because the standard GNOME icons do not offer enough icons to cover all icons necessary for Claws Mail?


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