lubuntu ppc: no sound in newer kernels (@Israel)

farinet at farinet at
Sat May 24 22:15:35 UTC 2014

Am 21.05.2014 00:58, schrieb lubuntu-users-request at

> snd-powermac shouldn't be used for the iBook... snd-aoa should.  If you
> have more questions about it ask, and I'll try to explain it as best as
> I can.  Also you most likely need the
> snd-aoa-codec-tas (rather than onyx or toonie) if you have an iBook
> (which if I remember you do).

Your tip to activate snd-aoa* in some way worked to get audio on my 
powerbook g4.

BUT: Sound does not work, when i comment out (in /etc/modules) 
snd-powermac. I looked closer into dmesg and debug (in /var/log/) and i 
found something interesting.

dmesg -l debug:

	[   20.130718] snd-aoa-codec-tas: found 'deq' node

dmesg -l err:

	[   20.133362] i2c i2c-6: Failed to register i2c client aoa_codec_tas 
at 0x35 (-16)

Would that mean, i should comment out snd-aoa-codec-tas? Only that 
module or also the other snd-aoa* ?

Thanks in advance for your patience!

PS. I still have the problem audacious and gnome-mplayer (*) do not play 
audio cd's (but vlc does!).

*) I remember you advised some time ago, to use another skin to mplayer 
than gnome-mplayer. Which one was it?

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