Lubuntu-users Digest, Vol 29, Issue 67 (Gary Knott)

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Thu May 22 00:11:23 UTC 2014

Am 22.05.2014 01:15, schrieb lubuntu-users-request at
> 3. How do I get a "launcher icon" on the desktop for my own
> executable program (stored as an executable file = /home/user/prog say) ?
> [For some programs, I would like to specify whether
> to first start an xterm, (or whatever
> its called now,) and run my program as though it were run from that
> command line.]

Although it isn't lubuntu-specific you could follow the procedure 
described here: (Applications Menu in OpenBox3)

There is in the repositories a tool called openbox-menu which gives the 
lxde-menu to the (right-click) openbox menu. See here:

Hope this is useful info for you.


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