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> Questions about installing Lubuntu.
> I downloaded an iso for lubuntu (- for some reason it uses AMD in the
> title at the web-site.  This is sure to confuse some people.)
> I burned a CD, and used the "live" feature to
> run gparted and repartitioned my disk, leaving a
> set of 3 win7  partitions and setting up swap, /, home and boot
> as 4 logical partitions.
> Then I used the CD again, choosing the install
> option.  The install program tried to find our wifi
> with dhcp connection to the net, presumably
> to fetch other files needed to complete the installation.
> It annouced it had failed, which is correct, because
> I do not even have a wireless card;
> I have a wired local network with fixed ip numbers
> manually assigned to each machine and to
> our gateway router.
> question 1: The install process did NOT drop into a
> state where it would ask for my
> ip number, gateway ip-number, netmask, etc.
> Why not?  This seems to be a terrible oversight.
> (And as i recall KDE did ask a few years ago.)
> And did I just not hit some magic key or something that
> would have caused the install to behave properly?
> After installing, I powered-off, restarted and selected
> ubuntu from the grub menu.  The boot worked okay.
> I did not set up our net connection (yet) but just shutdown.
> Then I restarted and booted win7.  It worked okay.
> Then I restarted and booted ubuntu.  The boot
> started, the 5 dots appeared, and the screen then went full blue and
> nothing happened.  I though maybe this hanging was due to looking for a
> wifi connection, but remember I booted successfully before.
> question 2: what is happening in this state?
> Then I powered down, and rebooted and selected
> the "advanced ubuntu" option from the grub menu.
> This gives a menu from which I can select disk checking,
> single-user mode (under another name), etc.
> I just selected "resume normal boot".
> Now the boot worked fine, (except screen resolution was
> degraded to some lower resolution.)
> I then immediately shutdown.
> Then I restarted and selected the normal ubuntu
> boot option from the grub menu.
> Now the system booted fine and with the correct
> resolution!  (and now I could configure my network
> connection if I wished.)
> question 3:  What happened here?  Why did this
> "work", and what issue was overcome, and how?
> question 4: Can you predict what will happen when I
> boot win7 again?  [The answer is the win7 anomaly
> does not re-occur. - But still, what happened?]
> question 5:  what should I do to finish my lubuntu
> installation?  I need TeX, Gcc, emacs, etc, etc.
> Is there a graphical update program in my CD install
> that will get  me a full-fledged system without too much grief?
> [Answer, there is something called the Software Center Manager, or
> something like this.  When I ran it, it had a very few programs one
> could select from a dozen categories to download. I could get Emacs
> though. I then ran the synaptic program - this was much better and i
> was able to get teX, but it is still deficient - I like the Software
> Center Interface (sort-of,) because it has categories, but it needs to
> have "everything" available.
> Later I read a web-site that said to execute the commands:
> sudo -i
> apt-get install lubuntu-desktop
> apt-get dist-upgrade   (This does the downloads and takes awhile.)
> apt-get autoclean
> rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb
> But there was no description of what each step does, or why i want
> to do it.   (But I did it, and it worked.  I still don't have
> gcc or a bunch of other stuff however.)
> ]
> So I would like to suggest that the install program
> be fixed to ask me for my net-connection, or at
> least that the Lubuntu manual on installation that i found via a
> google search be expanded to explain in more detail
> what different kinds of users might expect to see happen
> when they install.
> question 6:  If I ran the "live" version of Lubuntu
> off the CD,  and then set-up my net-connection =
> ip-number, gateway, DNS server ip Numbers, etc.,
> and THEN ran the install program in an xterm,
> would my install be more civilized?  And what is the
> name of the install program and in what directory is it
> in?  I would need to know that in order to run it.
> If this is a good way for people like me to install,
> maybe it should be in the manual, and described in
> options when booting the CD.
> I will try installing the so-called LTS Lubuntu system
> in a few weeks, since i don't want to struggle with
> installing every 10 months or so.
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This is a small bug in the release notes that the nm-applet is on by start which you just need to run and then you can click on it as a GUI. Yes you need to install Tex but not everyone knows what you want synaptic has a search feature. 

Also lubuntu comes with two GUI package managers the old synaptic and lubuntu software center. 

On my 14.04 install I just set up a network connection through ethernet with nm-applet.  I think you will need to connect to the internet to get apt to work or there was apt-offline.
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