lubuntu ppc: no sound in newer kernels

Israel israeldahl at
Tue May 20 22:41:22 UTC 2014

On 05/20/2014 05:11 PM, farinet at wrote:
> Since there is a bug in the newer kernels, the mac (ppc) sound does
> not work (the MacSnapper is not even shown as an audio device).
> Therefore, i downgraded the kernel to a version which still works
> (3.2.0-4). Now, my question is: How and where can i get the
> information, when/if this bug is solved (to be able to re-install the
> proper kernel).
> In the long run, i'm pretty sure, i'll run into compatibility
> problems, earlier or later ... ;)

did you try modprobing the correct snd-aoa modules?
(i.e sudo modprobe snd-aoa)
I have not had much success on one iBook, but the other works just fine
once I modprobed
snd-aoa-soundbus  (not 100% sure off memory if this is the correct
module name)
if modprobing them works, then you can change the /etc/modules
and remove the blacklist.local.conf from /etc/modprobe.d

NOTE: this is from memory, but I sent out an e-mail to this list
explaining it in detail a few weeks back, when I got 14.04 G4 to have
working sound.  I have not figured out how to get my G3 to have working
sound (yet).
snd-powermac shouldn't be used for the iBook... snd-aoa should.  If you
have more questions about it ask, and I'll try to explain it as best as
I can.  Also you most likely need the
snd-aoa-codec-tas (rather than onyx or toonie) if you have an iBook
(which if I remember you do).

Since you have the older kernel you can always fall back to it if you
cannot get sound working correctly.

But, I do not think they have fixed the issue yet, as it is an issue
with the installer and hw-detect which 'detects' what kernel modules you
need.  The iBook (and some powerbooks at least) are detected incorrectly
and so there is no sound.


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