error: file not found

Israel israeldahl at
Sun May 18 21:10:44 UTC 2014

On 05/18/2014 01:51 AM, Chris Schram wrote:
> I've run several iterations of Lubuntu within several iterations of 
> VirtualBox on mu iMac. Between the VirtualBox splash screen and the 
> Lubuntu splash screen I get this message, which lasts a few seconds:
> error: file not found.
> error: file not found.
> error: file not found.
> Press any key to continue...
> Here's a screenshot of that message. Sorry about the line-wrap:
> <
> 6.24.png>
> If I just wait, the system starts up and runs just fine. But I'm curious 
> to know what file it can't find. Can someone direct me to the location 
> of a logfile that might give me a clue? Thanks from a newbie.
the first question to ask is did you check the MD5SUM of the ISO you

This is an important step to take, it helps to make sure you downloaded
everything correctly.
If the MD5SUM doesn't match the problem is the image.

If the image checks out we can go from there to investigate this issue.
Also, what processor architecture are you using?  Are you using an intel
mac, or is iMac PPC?
And did you download 32bit Lubuntu, or a different image?
And finally what version of Lubuntu are you using (14.04???)?
The uname -a command is helpful to post the kernel number as well.


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