Display Serious Issue with Lubuntu

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Fri May 16 19:37:20 UTC 2014


On 05/16/2014 11:56 AM, Ali Linx wrote:
> Aere is 'she' not 'he' :D

She told me :)  I felt very silly
> Most likely that what happened which is, if true, really bad idea. As
> I wrote:
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-users/2014-May/007629.html
> "IMHO, the maximum default size (default/initial size = the size of
> the window upon running it) of any window should be 'smaller' than the
> resolution of the display. If this is the default settings, then we
> would never have this issue no matter how small your screen is."
 I think the OS (like you) should be able to handle this gracefully. 
But, I think it will only be able to if you can use a virtual
resolution.  I am reasonably confident there is a workaround for this
that you could use (i.e. not programming something yourself)
> Aere has the opposite thought. She thinks it is the applications not
> the system.
> For me, I have no idea and 'still' waiting for Julien to step in - not
> sure when?!

We were talking about a similar point, I think.  She is right that the
apps size their own windows according to whatever they choose. 
> You know me very well my friend, I have zero time to try anything. I'm
> glad that I can have some time to write this. More than this? I
> seriously can't, sorry.
> For me? as I mentioned, this is no big deal. For the 'new' people I'm
> installing Lubuntu to? they will definitely need that. They're too
> busy to complain about it but once they will have some free time, they
> will give me hard time :(
> This is one of the reasons (as mentioned before) why I can't use
> Lubuntu always. I use it only with Mini machines (11 inch display) or
> when the machine is super old. This is just one of the issues I'm
> having with Lubuntu ...
I am in the same boat as you.  I put Lubuntu on all the really old
machines.  The newest Lubuntu has most of the missing pieces together. 
I do wonder if LXQt handles this resolution problem any differently.  It
is something that might be worth testing for you.  I know LXQt wont be
default soon... but  it might be very useful to get it up and running
and see how it reacts with all the issues you have faced.  Last time I
used RazorQt there were a lot of unresolved things... but that was a
year or two ago... and with the LX team (and others) helping RazorQt I
am sure it is far better by now!  I want to try it out, but  there are
no PowerPC builds yet...  I suppose I could build my own packages to
install (and I may)

I do think this issue is related to Xorg, though.


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