Display Serious Issue with Lubuntu

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Fri May 16 18:57:12 UTC 2014

On 05/16/2014 11:37 AM, Aere Greenway wrote:
> On 05/16/2014 11:12 AM, Ali Linx wrote:
>> Not really. This is true ONLY if that window allows you to do that. 
>> Most of the painful cases where you can't do anything but to hit 
>> 'Enter' key blindly assuming that would mean 'Ok' or press 'Esc' or 
>> just close the window.
> Ali:
> This surprises me.  Admittedly, I haven't tried this on every Ubuntu 
> variant.  I have only tried it on the systems I have on my HP Mini.
> I have a Linux Mint partition on that machine.  I will try the test 
> there.
> I am not aware of any way the application can prevent the OS from 
> moving the window via Alt-click-drag.  The application can prevent 
> re-sizing, and it can limit some of the title-bar buttons from being 
> there.  I know of no way it can prevent dragging.
> As far as I know, Windows only allows you to drag the window by 
> clicking on the title-bar and dragging.  The Alt-click-drag seems to 
> be a Linux thing.
> I definitely sympathize with the plight of people with small screens.
> On my own application, I thought a lot about what absolutely had to be 
> in the main window.  There is a certain set of controls that you need 
> to be able to use without resorting to an additional dialog.
> On the HP Mini, I can actually use my application because I can 
> position the window (using alt-click-drag) so that the important 
> controls (on the main pane) are all on the screen at the same time. 
> And I did put a fix in so that if the window doesn't fit on the screen 
> (in either or both directions) that it re-sizes the window to use the 
> minimum size in each problem direction.
> I can't use my application on Windows XP (on the HP Mini) because the 
> title-bar has to be visible to drag the window, and the title-bar is 
> one of the non-necessary parts of the window.

I tried it on Linux Mint (which uses the Gnome desktop) on my HP Mini 
notebook computer.

It appears to work the same there, with a few minor differences.

When I tried to move the Firefox window using the alt-click-drag method, 
it worked, but it first re-sized the window to where it didn't fill up 
the whole screen.  The alt-click-drag method of moving the window worked.

I could move the Synaptic Package Manager window using the 
alt-click-drag method.

My application behaved the same way as on Lubuntu.  Per my fix, I 
display the window in its minimum vertical dimensions, which was still 
too large for the screen, but better than before.  I could move the 
window around using the alt-click-drag method.

There was one notable difference I noticed.  The "maximize window" 
button was not on the title-bar.  There was still a "minimize (iconify) 
window" button, but no "maximize window" button.  Also, the Java/Swing 
function-key (F11) to make the current window full-screen had no effect.


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