<Fn><F2> and <Fn><Fn><F3> without effect

farinet at arcor.de farinet at arcor.de
Thu May 15 20:54:43 UTC 2014

Andre Rodovalho:
> You might try the commands manually (on lxterminal)...
> To increase volume:* amixer -q sset Master 3%+ unmute*
> To decrease: *amixer -q sset Master 3%- unmute*
> It seems you have two audio cards, you may need to specify it on the
> command...
> Try also: *amixer -c 1 -q sset Master 3%+ unmute*
> and
> *amixer -c 1 -q sset Master 3%- unmute*
> If nothing of this works, check out* alsamixer*, what cards you have...
> Press F6 to see if you have only one (0) or two (0 and 1) cards...

Thanks! I'll try that out.

As for the 2 sound cards, i think inxi registers the hdmi out as a
separate card. But, yes, may be it's good to specify which one should be
controlled. Alsamixer effectively shows two:


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