Question from a newbie about backup software and more

James McCoy spaceknight2 at
Wed May 14 19:37:25 UTC 2014

I been using Ubuntu (now running 13.10) for some time and know it comes 
with backup software like Deja Dup already included. I just started 
learning about Lubuntu 14.04 and plan to install it in my HP 64 bit 
laptop and wonder does it also have built-in backup software or do I 
need to install it?

If I need to install backup software - does anyone have suggestions for 
backup software for Lubuntu?

Ubuntu has "Ubuntu Tweak" - is there similar software for Lubuntu? I 
heard about "Lubuntu Tweak" but do not know anything about it. What is 
it like? Will Ubuntu Tweak work on Lubuntu?

Is there any kind of listings/directories of software and/or 
applications for Lubuntu in particular? I know of websites "Appnr" and 
"Linux App Finder" - but they have apps for Ubuntu in general. I am 
looking for lightweight versions of Ubuntu apps (example - lightweight 
version of firewall "Firestarter" or lightweight version of video 
editing software Kino/Kdenlive).

Indiana / USA

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