Lubuntu Via Remote Desktop

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Tue May 13 16:34:32 UTC 2014

Chuck Boecking <chuck at> said:
> What is the best way to connect to lubuntu remotely from multiple devices
> (computer, tablet, etc..)? I am *not* referring to connecting
> simultaneously. I just need access to the remote desktop from what ever
> device I am using.

Any remote desktop protocol that can be used within a local network
(e.g. RDP, VNC, X11) can be tunnelled via SSH. Alternately, you can use a VPN
to allow access from outside your local network.

> I have become a big fan of lubuntu in the last year. Mainly because I can
> use it with xrdp to manage remote servers and perform remote development.
> When not connected, xrdp+lubuntu leaves virtually no traces in memory or
> CPU. Another benefit is that remote desktop exists for almost any client.

SSH is certainly more common and given that server management and
development requires little more than a text interface, it should
suffice and be a heck of a lot faster.

> As you are probably aware ubuntu 13+ breaks xrdp+lubuntu. When you try to
> log in, you get a gray screen. There are many people posting solutions that
> prescribe leaving lubuntu to go to xfce4. Here are more
> details<>.
> I believe the issue is with xrdp (not lubuntu).

I use xrdp at work where we use Kubuntu and a LogMeIn Hamachi for a VPN.
I have no problems with xrdp 0.6.0-1 and 14.04.

I will say, though, that xrdp as implemented by Ubuntu is a little
funky. There's a way to get a working updated package:

Good luck.


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