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Sat May 10 16:49:10 UTC 2014

On Sat, 10 May 2014 10:14:09 -0600
Aere Greenway <Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com> wrote:

> On 05/10/2014 05:53 AM, Ali Linx wrote:
> > Yes, I can resize that - not sure I explained that? - but not all the 
> > application allows you to do so. Some applications/tools by default, 
> > are drawn in a way that none of the edges or borders are cut-off so I 
> > can read exactly everything without resizing and sometimes with 
> > resizing. However, some applications/tools don't actually allow you to 
> > do that or these do but to a certain point where you can't go further 
> > and after all, it is useless and you still miss the bottom part.
> Ali:
> The application I tested, is the one I have developed, and I used it for 
> testing because I understand how it works internally, and because of 
> developing it, I am aware of the internal things the developer can specify.
> It is written in Java, and uses the Swing GUI.  So it differs from most 
> applications on Linux, which are written in C++, and likely use QT (or 
> GTK) for the GUI.
> I am assuming that the things available to the developer in Java/Swing 
> are similar to what is available to developers using Qt and C++.  That 
> assumption could very well be wrong.  I don't actually know.
> Certainly, there is the capability to maximize the window available.  I 
> didn't mention it because we were addressing cases where part of the 
> window is cut-off.  Maximizing would introduce the possibility of it 
> being cut-off width-wise as well.
> In your paragraph above, you have a good point.
> Normally, when you paint a window, it will display it using the 
> 'preferred' dimensions.
> However (and I may fix this in my application - I hadn't thought of it), 
> the application is (or can be) aware of the screen dimensions available, 
> and can act accordingly.
> To fix it, if the screen is too small for the window, I could (and 
> should) at least set the window size to its minimum dimensions, rather 
> than allowing it to be painted in its 'preferred' dimensions.  In the 
> case of my application, the minimum dimensions will still not be enough, 
> but it would help.  Thank you for pointing out a bug in my application!
> As for what package you would report the problem, it would be each 
> individual application that exhibits the problem, which is probably a 
> lot of packages.
> By the way, when my web-site goes live (which will be soon), I plan to 
> post a short e-mail to this list (if it is permissible) giving the URL 
> of my web-site, and people (if they are interested) can take a look at 
> what I have been doing since January of 2012.  It is a MIDI music 
> application, which (I think) is amazing in what it can do.
> Anyway, I hope this information helps.  I need to go make a small fix to 
> my application.
> -- 
> Sincerely,
> Aere
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I wonder if there could be a hard workaround using the openbox per application settings to change the suggested size for the application to make it fit. I am not sure how exactly to do that but I remember seeing it in ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml but I don't know that part of openbox configuration if that properties is allowed or what it would be called. I don't think a new user would be capable of this at all. 

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