pcmanfm does not accept/recognize anymore external devices or partitions

Rafael Laguna rafaellaguna at ubuntu.com
Fri May 9 23:18:45 UTC 2014

This happened to me with Ubuntu too, a few years ago. It seems that Windows
(or my TV) don't care about permissions. The only solution I found was
remove and re-create the partition with Disks, as a normal user. Be sure to
reboot before creating it.

Rafael Laguna
Lubuntu Artwork Team

2014-05-09 21:52 GMT+02:00 <farinet at arcor.de>:

> Since very recent, on a powerbook, pcmanfm does not open anymore external
> usb sticks. It sees them but when i try to open i'm getting:
>         Not authorized to perform operation
> The same happens, when i try to open the bootstrap partition.
> I'm even unable to do this if starting pcmanfm as root or by gksudo.
> Before this was possible without any problem.
> Moreover, pcmanfm doesn't mount audio cd's. I'm not sure if this is also
> recent or not, since i didn't try it before. The error msg in any case is
> different:
>         Ort kann nicht eingehängt werden (= Cannot mount device)
> Where can i check to repair this?
> Thanks a lot in advance!
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