Play DVD's

John Hupp lubuntu at
Wed May 7 17:58:15 UTC 2014

Playing DVD's is on my functionality checklist, and when I insert one 
under 14.04, all I get is a prompt to open the DVD in the file manager.

I would like it to automatically open in Gnome MPlayer (or VLC, if that 
is a better choice for DVD's) and either start playing the movie or else 
give me a menu.

Reading up on the task, it looked like I needed to install libdvdcss, so 
I opened the terminal to /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4 and ran:
     sudo ./

But inserting a DVD still produces the same prompt to open in the file 

Manually opening MPlayer and choosing File: Disc: Open DVD with Menus 
doesn't work either.  I can choose File: Open Location and paste in the 
DVD path, and that starts the movie, but half of the credits and such 
are in French rather than English.

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