Mobile broadband problem in 'Buntu 14.04?

Basil Fernie basil at
Tue May 6 12:56:04 UTC 2014

Hi, although I've been using Lubuntu happily since the early days of  
12.04, have regularly updated, and have eagerly awaited 14.04, I find  
there's a showstopper in this most recent release, which may have been  
around since 13.10 as well.

To the chase: no problem merely running the "Live" version from DVD/iso.  
But after installing U14.04, the installed version fails as follows. I  
install a mobile broadband connection for my 3G USB modem (which I have  
been using for more than a year, and am still using, with Lubuntu 12.04)  
via  network-manager. The connection saves coorectly (I can run  
network-manager again later and edit the connection parameters, they're  
all safely "there"; but when I want to actually connect to the internet,  
via the little network-manager-applet icon on the taskbar, it does NOT  
ever, ever, ever present the "enable mobile broadband" option which it  
should in terms of the saved connection parameters proven to be on the HDU  
as mentioned above, and the fact the the 3G modem has successfully been  
through the handshaking process as evidenced by the status LED on the  

Without a functioning 3G internet connection, I cannot move on from 12.04  
to 14.04. Nor can I in good conscience provide 'buntu installations on a  
list of friends' and family's PCs who are moving off XP.

Has anyone else found this problem? It seems to me that the QA testers  
probably all use hardwired ethernet or wifi connections and perhaps  
overlooked the more backward parts of the earth...

Instead of waiting for 14.04.1 to come out, can't I replace  
"network-manager=applet" in its "-0ubuntu??" version with a  
similar-but-not-defective one from gnome or debian? If so, how?


Basil Fernie

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