keyboard configuration problem

farinet at farinet at
Tue May 6 07:18:00 UTC 2014

I found a solution which might be useful for someone other using a Mac 
with a non-standard keyboard too (?):

Searching the web i found this description which is very similar to my 

I applied the solution proposed for Jessie in the answer. The keyboard 
map was taken from here:

(IMHO a very useful site for linux users on a mac). Precisily i took the
"Xorg server key bindings for British, French (thanks, Yves-Alexis 
Perez) and German keyboards, using the XKB extension"

Then i put the de.xkb file in the right place


and added the statement to /etc/rc.local

	loadkeys /etc/X11/xkb/de.xkb

Works like a charm (with some minor drawbacks: Alt is used, maclike as 
3rd level chooser, which blocks e.g. <ALT><F2> from working like 
expected; i remapped that in the wm shortkey configurations to 
<CTRL><ALT><F2>. The special keys are mapped to the pc like position; 
e.g. "@" is not on <ALT>L but on <ALT>Q. Not that much of a problem, 
though ;) )!

Sorry for having you disturbed. And cheers!

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