After Firefox update black and grey bar instead of text in addres bar

Eric Bradshaw ericbradshaw at
Tue May 6 02:09:06 UTC 2014

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The bug report is here:
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Yes. Noticed this bug about a week ago. I like the new look of Firefox 29,
but this just spoils it. Ran all updates in Lubuntu 14.04 on several
different machines (Dell Dimension 2400, Dell OptiPlex GX520, HP d220 MT)
and Firefox has the exact problem described in the bug.

I attempted to fix with different fonts, toggling settings in about:config
(browser.urlbar.trimURLs and browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled), modifying
userChrome-example.css - the only thing I've found so far that is guaranteed
to work is not updating Firefox to 29.

I am successfully running Firefox 28 (with no black and gray bar) on four
other Lubuntu 14.04 machines; an HP Pavilion Slimline s3707c, a Toshiba
Satellite P3050, HP Pavilion f1703 and a Dell Dimension 8300.


Thank You,
God Bless,
Computers4Christians <>

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