Overhead in 14.04 Comparing Xubuntu and Lubuntu

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Mon May 5 21:16:37 UTC 2014

On 05/05/2014 01:21 PM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> @Aere, I think you have some old Intel graphics. Will UXA graphics
> change the speed of it?
> I have also read somewhere, that XFCE can be quite efficient with low
> end computers, while Xubuntu is more demanding, because it is running
> more processes. You could start from the Ubuntu mini.iso and install
> xfce4 and compare the performance. Of course you can also install LXDE
> in a similar way, or 'only' Openbox.
> Finally, what about the low latency kernel (that you can always install,
> and that comes with Ubuntu Studio)?

Thanks for your consideration of this information.

The 933 megahertz machine on which UbuntuStudio performed poorly, is the 
one we corresponded earlier about, where the UXA graphics configuration 
change had no effect.

I have another machine with Intel graphics, but I already bought and 
installed a NVIDIA graphics card on that machine.  I am quite sure its 
Intel graphics handler is different from the 933 megahertz machine, 
because during booting (on the 933 mhz machine), the screen displays a 
garbled version (in text-mode) of the 4-flashing-dots screen, and the 
other machine (a Dell GX-260) never did that.

I will probably not remove the NVIDIA card from the Dell GX-260 because 
that is a machine I depend on for my personal (music) use.

All of my UbuntuStudio partitions use the low latency kernel.  Test 
results with UbuntuStudio seem similar to test results with Xubuntu.  If 
anything, it is possible that UbuntuStudio performed a little better.

The thing that caught my attention, is that Ali's testing with Xubuntu 
and Ubuntu-Gnome suggested that the low-spec systems we are saying 
should work with Lubuntu, would not actually work for general use.

I think Ali is totally right for Xubuntu (based on my test results), but 
not in the case of Lubuntu for the low-spec machines I tested. These 
machines do work fine in my MIDI music capacity, which uses Firefox for 
installing, and for viewing the help and tutorials (and uses multiple 
tabs in that capacity).

Though I formerly used 384 megabytes of RAM on the 450 mhz machine, I 
now use 512 megabytes of RAM, and it seems that each new kernel level 
uses more of that memory, to where some time in the future, 512 
megabytes RAM will no longer be enough.

On these low-spec machines, I am also using Java, which is a large 
library.  The only memory problems I encountered was from using multiple 
large soundfonts (I had to be careful to avoid cases which would use too 
much memory).  Occasionally (in spite of that care) I made a mistake, 
and ended up with a hung system, though I usually recovered by 
terminating things.

My testing on these systems is focused on my getting the minimum system 
requirements right for my software application, so I am unlikely to 
pursue adding xfce4 to an Ubuntu mini.iso installation, since that is 
not something I could reasonably expect my users to do.


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