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Thank you. Yes, mine is 3.1 too. I got some other PC-Laps running
Lubuntu so it is not that important to drive it on my MacBook. I know
about EFI issues from former distributions as YellowdogLinux on PPC.
Will try the Ubuntu version. Fortunately OS X is BSD based so Linux is
not essentially needed on the Mac.

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Am 04.05.2014 21:33, schrieb Israel:
> On 05/04/2014 01:20 PM, "Thomas Johannes Matthias Kühner" wrote:
>> My MacBook late 2007 ejects the 14.04 Mac disk. Why that?
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> Hi,
> this is a problem with the EFI usually.  I have had trouble booting
> various Ubuntu distros with the AMD64 disk on my Macbook Pro (around the
> same time as yours)  The Ubuntu (the Unity version) image for Mac Intel
> works just fine.  Otherwise you will have to opt for the 32bit image. 
> If you have more than 4 Gigs of RAM this is an issue, as your OS wont be
> able to access all of it.  If you have 4 or less it wont make much of a
> difference at all.  Do you use rEFInd <>
> ?  Also, you should check the MD5SUM
> <> of the image you
> downloaded to make sure it is correct.
> Apple uses a Hybrid EFI so it is hard to work with.  You will also
> probably need proprietary drivers for NVIDIA in order to suspend, though
> the nouveau drivers work better for everything else.  In older versions
> (like 12.04) suspend and resume work fine with the nouveau drivers.
> There is a bug for this if you have similar hardware.
> My model is 3,1 you can find this in Ubuntu by running
> sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
> or in OSX by running
> sysctl hw.model
> has specific info on all the tested models
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