Lubuntu 14.04 ppc errors + JWM

farinet at farinet at
Fri May 2 00:44:58 UTC 2014

I figured it out how to make work the setup correctly: I got the kernel
3.2.-04 from debian wheezy and, voilà, sound and even correct sleep mode
(standby, suspend, you name it) is there. Till now, i did not notice any
problem. (inxi shows the correct sound card:MacSoundSnapper).

May be, i should pin the kernel to avoid an unvoluntary upgrade (?) In
any case, i notice that yaboot seems to store the latest *INSTALLED*
kernel as actual, not the newest (3.2 became default, 3.13 became old).
It's a long time i did not fiddle anymore with yaboot ;)

I still have to cofigure the keyboard (3rd level) correctly.

Now, i'll try jwm. At a first glance it's really extremely speedy and i
thought it might be possible to simply substitute openbox by jwm as the
lxde window manager (in desktop.conf). Apparently that works. One point
i've difficulties with is the font setting. May be you can pass me a tip
how to get smaller fontsize in the menu, the systray and the window
titels. I tried with xfontsel but frankly to no extent - whatever i
chose. Fore sure, i'm missing there something ...

As a filemanager personally i'd stick with pcmanfm, also because i'm not
so interested in an icon "ornated" desktop (i'm rather used to use it as
a background for conky :D ).


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