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I tend to be extra paranoid, and set my Firefox homepage to a DuckDuckGo URL that specifies searches via HTTPS with the search query in the encrypted request body. If there was a way to set the search box to take advantage of this, too, I would love to know about it.

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>     +1 to duckduckgo!
>     You don't necessarily need to contact ubufox people, can't Lubuntu
>     bundle a different start page?
>     I though that was one of the options when customizing a build of Ubuntu.
>     We could, actually build a page that contains those search engines
>     (both) and uses the Lubuntu logo, right?
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That what was i thought too. :D

But in any case, it does not hurt to have contacted the ubufox people as
well. ;-)

I'm not sure: duckduckgo comes by default as a searchengine option in
firefox? Personally, i deleted yahoo,bing,amazon from that default list
and added: ixquick (https), metager (https), firefox help and leo (a
vocabulary). Mycroft as a source of hundreds of searchengines is useful.

Also, i'm not sure if duckduckgo (when it comes with firefox by default)
is https or not.

Personally, as quoted already before, i think a mini-introduction (under
a link button) on how to add searchengines especially from the point of
view of privacy/security would be smart. Together with mentioning https
everywhere ( I think once you have installed that, any search
engine would be automatically https, given it exists as such (no need of
special installs).


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