Mozilla Firefox-Startpage

Israel israeldahl at
Mon Mar 24 12:00:09 UTC 2014

On 03/24/2014 01:50 AM, farinet at wrote:
> Am 24.03.2014 07:41, schrieb Nio Wiklund:
>> I think this is a good idea :-)
>> I suggest that you make it *your* project to advance such a proposal to
>> the ubufox people.
> I would do so, but where do i find them?
+1 to duckduckgo!
You don't necessarily need to contact ubufox people, can't Lubuntu 
bundle a different start page?
I though that was one of the options when customizing a build of Ubuntu.
We could, actually build a page that contains those search engines 
(both) and uses the Lubuntu logo, right?


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