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Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Mon Mar 24 06:41:34 UTC 2014

2014-03-24 07:26, farinet at skrev:
> I don't know if someone already mentioned this; if so, my excuses in
> advance.
> Nowadays, in times of NSAGHCQ & cie, i'd think it would be smart, if the
> default Startpage of Firefox (managed in some way by ubufox i think)
> would not offer Google as default searchengine at first, but the choice,
> which searchengine should be used as default. There are absolutely valid
> alternatives now (duckduckgo or ixquick at least).
> Couldn't that be done by a link pointing to some basic privacy/security
> issues (like https-everywhere etc.) too in the way now it's done for the
> "do not track" feature?
> I thought, if someone of the people engaged in lubuntu is reading here,
> they could, in case they agree, advance the proposal to the ubufox people.
> Thanks for your patience.
I think this is a good idea :-)

I suggest that you make it *your* project to advance such a proposal to
the ubufox people.

Best regards

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