Help installing Wireless adapter

Israel israeldahl at
Wed Mar 19 23:57:53 UTC 2014

On 03/19/2014 06:10 PM, Dagoberto Gomez wrote:
> I am completely new to Linux and just installed Lubuntu 13 on a very old HP Pavilion zv5200 laptop. I understand I need to install NDISWRAPPER in order to make the Broadcom 4306 WiFi work. I already have the Windows .inf and .sys files for the wireless adapter.
> I downloaded ndiswrapper-1.59.tar in another PC and copied it to to the Linux laptop.
> I extracted the file but when I tried to build it using 'make' it said 'make' was not installed.
> I found out I had to install 'build-essential' but when I tried this (sudo apt-get install build-essential) it just said there were no candidates.
> I tried looking in the Software Center and Package Manager but found no mention of ndiswrapper, make, or build-essential.
> I am getting really frustrated as I do not understand how to install or even find these commands.
> I would appreciate it very much if someone would be patient enough to show me the way to get ndiswrapper and my wifi adapter working.
> Thanks!


Sorry... I just remembered you are very new to Lubuntu...
You need to open a terminal from your menu (it is in applications)
Copy and paste the command (Shift+Ctrl+V pastes in the terminal, though 
you can simply use the right click menu)
then push enter, and type in your password.
You can read the page to find out the same information if you like :D

You can also search out those packages in the Lubuntu Software center or 
Synaptic package manager (I don't remember if that is still installed by 
default... I always have it)


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