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Tue Mar 18 20:18:22 UTC 2014

On 03/17/2014 10:35 PM, Julien Lavergne wrote:
> 2014-03-17 11:28 GMT+01:00 Ali Linx <ali.linux at 
> <mailto:ali.linux at>>:
>     Hi Lubuntu Team,
>     One of the reasons why I don't really use Lubuntu much on my
>     StartUbuntu Project in Real life [1] is this:
>     I'm one of those who have seen this over and over again with many
>     Lubuntu Releases. Sadly, it is not yet solved.
>     As you can read from the thread, the user is overseas and I can't
>     do much from my end. But I must help since I'm the one who
>     converted her.
>     Maybe Julien has to visit her? :P well, if we couldn't do that
>     online, I hope he has some time to fix that in person ;)
> She can bring me its laptop, if she is near Paris :-) I accept coffee 
> as payment if I solve the issue ;-)
Hi Julien and thanks for replying :)

Not sure if she is in Paris. She is visiting Paris AFAIK. In case she 
will have a new problem, I will send her your way ;) so be nice, she is 
my neighbor :)

Oh, yes, the issue is solved. She was logging in as 'Guest'. She is okay 

> Unfortunately, I never see this issue,

Hmm, next time I'm on a machine with Lubuntu, I will try to produce this 
bug and report it for you.

It always happens with me when I disconnect the Wireless Network and try 
to reconnect it again. Well, not always as in every single time but what 
I'm trying to say is it is always happening from time to time.

> and debugging it over a phone doesn't seem very easy.

Indeed. But we figured out that quickly without any further steps 
involved. I like to give support to people online from facebook or any 
other site but yes, it is hard without Internet on the sick device.
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
Thank you!

Remind me please, to which package do I have to report that against?


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