lubuntu fail compilation

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Wed Mar 12 16:06:19 UTC 2014

From my experience, the latest lubuntu (13.10) is quite a setback. I regret that I didn't have resources to help with beta testing and so I can just complain - but that's just how it is at the moment. (I'd downgrade if there was not security issues with the cipherblock chaining for full-disk encryption.) So I want to voice my issues somewhere, for whatever it's worth. Here's the list:
* From "users and groups" in the main menu there's an option to "not ask for password for login" - it doesn't activate autologin however, instead it makes the user login screen show my password in cleartext when typing and causes the key ring to not get unlocked with (manual) login.
* When configuring autohide for the panel and autologin enabled (by editing config file), directly after login, when password dialog for unlocking the key ring pops up (because e.g. a known WPA network is available), if I don't type in the password right away but click on the nm-applet icon in the panel, then after unlocking the key ring the panel does not appear anymore.
* The screen locking keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[Alt]+L does not work. The lubuntu-rc.xml links to "xscreensaver-command -lock" while it should link to "gnome-screensaver-command -l". xscreensaver is not installed by default.
* Microphone input doesn't work out of the box anymore (before it did) and so far I have failed to get it working (- so I can't use a softphone anymore).
* When going into standby mode, after resuming I find network manager out of control of my networking interfaces. Only after going to standby and resuming again it regains control.
* There's colour design issues with the GUI theme that seriously impair usability, like light grey progress bars on light grey background with white writing on them, white buttons on white background without borders or something around them (the desktop switching buttons in the panel)
* The default Firefox GUI is a huge setback with a small display size compared to Chromium - it uses nearly half of the available space for bars and buttons.
* There's now two redundant calculator tools - gnome-calculator and galculator.
* Using over 5 GiB for standard installation is quite big for older machines like my EeePC with 8 GiB SSD.

System info:
I'm running on a Asus EeePC 900A with 1 GiB of RAM and 8 GiB SSD, screen resolution of 1024*600 pixels, Qualcomm Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 Fast Ethernet interface on PCI-Express, Qualcomm Atheros AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adapter on PCI-Express, Intel NM10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio Controller on PCI and an Intel Atom CPU N270 clocked with 1.6 GHz.
I installed from USB using the mini.iso to install mainly via LAN.

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