have you got a really old computer

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 00:53:14 UTC 2014


We want to try a new kernel for Trusty Tahr, that is developed by
PhillW. Many people help to build an Ubuntu based operating system
around it, a system that should work on most computers (maybe except
some of those brand new ones that cannot switch off UEFI).

We have a wide variety of computers, but have not found any really old
one without PAE capability. I'm not talking about Pentium M and Celeron
M, I'm talking about CPUs before Pentium II:

Pentium Pro, Pentium (i586), or Intel 486 or maybe the corresponding
generation of AMD from 1993-1997.

I have an old computer from 1998, and it has a Pentium II CPU at 400
MHz, so it must be older. Check for a clock frequency at or below 200 MHz.

If you are a happy owner of such a jewel, please help us test that the
non-pae kernel really works in a computer without PAE capability :-)

Best regards

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