Introduction - Edgardo Rios

Edgardo Rios Alanis edgardo.rios at
Wed Mar 5 17:33:00 UTC 2014

Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing well:

I am sending this email to you as my introduction to the team, my name 
is Edgardo Rios, I am 37 years old and live in Mexico (Monterrey, Nuevo 
Leon, Mexico).

Some years ago, back in 2001, it was the first time I tried to use a 
Linux based distro (Red Hat Linux 7.0), since then, I have had ups and 
downs on this path, falling at times to achieve the goal to use Linux 
all the time. Sadly, the most significant barrier is that all the 
companies I have had worked for, does not used Linux or Open source 
software. Anyway, I am not going to give up.

Right now, I am using Lubuntu 13.10, and the user experience is just 
great. Although I have tried other distros, I feel in home using Ubuntu 
and/or its derivatives. Right now, I am looking forward for the Lubuntu 
LTS version, I am sure that version will be the best for those looking 
for a WinXP replacement.

Although I am a self-sufficient user (only if Google keeps helping me), 
I would like to keep learning and supporting Ubuntu community in order 
to be able to help more people. At first, I would like to help people 
and schools in my community who does not have enough resources for new 
hardware. I am sure they can take advantage of Lubuntu.

Talking about this team, I can see that you have a lot things to work 
on, and of course that I would like to be part of your efforts.

Thanks in advance for your time!


Edgardo Rios Alanis
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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