[Lubuntu-qa] ppc and amd64+mac testers needed

farinet at arcor.de farinet at arcor.de
Fri Jun 27 20:48:13 UTC 2014

lubuntu-users-request at lists.ubuntu.com schrieb:

> Does this specifically use the amd64+mac image or does the usual amd64
> image work fine? Generally a specific number of early Intel Macs require
> this and only for CDs. Rarely do standard AMD machines need it.

On the Samsung (amd64) i've running lubuntu 14.04 but since i installed
(from launchpad) the qt version too now seems there are several settings

In any case i always used the amd64 image to install from scratch on
this machine.

> Is it possible to run a virtual machine?

I'm absolutely not familiar with virtual machines (safe an Apple IIGS i
had running years ago in ubuntu - i was familiar to use an Apple IIGS up
to the end of the ninties ;) ... You see, in some way, apparently, i've
a predilection for outdate machines and os' :P ).

On my pb i still stick with a kernel 3.2 - otherwise no sound. Moreover
from the original lubuntu 14.04 ppc did not rest so much (i changed
panel, i do not use pcmanfm as desktop designer - rather i use openbox
similar to how does crunchbang; and actually i'm playing around with
Thunar in place of PCManFM because i'm under the impression from within
Thunar the audio device handling is better).

In any case the pb is working well actually (i only have to resolve a
keyboard problem - no third level chars at this moment ;-( ) and i do
not want to corrupt this ;-).

Is it useful for you to have someone who runs the live-cd? In case i
will find somewhere the external firewire hd (i once had) i might even
be able to install ...

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